Document Management For HR

Paperless Processes, GDPR Transparency & Improved Results

At Lynbrook we are aware that HR is one of the most document-intensive departments in a business. HR managers and staff are increasingly expected to be strategic and efficient, however, this is difficult to achieve with the volume of documents handled on a daily basis – this is further impacted by constant changes in workforce legislation.

HR Document Headaches:

  • Expectations of GDPR and the risk/cost of poor processes
  • Paper or digital files are accessible and are at risk of security breaches or unauthorised access
  • Costly time is being taken up by staff retrieving and sharing documentation in workplace and without any transparency
  • Poor/No disaster recovery plan in place. How would they access documents if off site?
  • Expensive office space is being used to store documents. When digital, clients are aware there is no visibility of which staff member accesses which documents, who can/can’t amend it or who a document is with.
  • Need to offer remote workers access to the documents they require to carry out their work

The Benefits of Document Managent for HR:

  • Centralise paper documents and digital files into one pool to gain complete transparency and help to reach GDPR compliance
  • The ability to integrate with Client’s other applications
  • Initiate complex workflows for approvals and retention and deletion procedures
  • Remote access with bespoke User Permissions and visibility of document access/edits/deletions

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