Integrating a Document Management System

Integrating a document management system into your existing software, such as an ERP, accounting package, payroll or HR makes sense.  Sharing information between the systems simplifies the way data flows through your business.  This in turn enhances communication across departments, increases productivity and eliminates duplicate data entry.

Integrating a document management system with other business software provides benefits that can’t be achieved when using standalone software.

Protection against misuse

Documents should be protected against unauthorised access by a comprehensive rights system.


Authorised employees only, should be able to access documents at any time via a web browser or mobile.

Automatic retention rules

Your solution should store documents then automatically delete them after a set period, defined by you.


A document management system should enable your business to better meet privacy requirements, auditing standards and regulations such as HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley and GDPR.

It should also be flexible to meet your needs and provide the integration needed to improve your processes.

Seamless exchanges of integration between systems

Our Document Management System works with diverse data sources: a standalone database, a proprietary  database, or even a simple CSV file. The solution also exchanges data via a Platform Service which bundles all access to the system from external applications and devices.

If your ERP system exports all invoices, credit notes and other documents as a PDF, you can automatically store these in the application.

Integrating a document management system with any existing business software should serve to enhance its features.  Talk to us about how your business is operating and what you’d like to achieve and we can tell you how we will help.

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