Managing Documents in Construction

Managing documents in construction can be a huge task.  With various factors at play, including the volume of documents needed to run a project, multiple sites all needing access to the same information, as well as difficulties finding documentation.

Often when working out in the field, project managers will have physical copies of documentation.  This could mean duplication, problems with version control if there is more than one copy and simply the burden of having paper in a busy outdoor environment.

When managing documents in construction, businesses need to think about centralising all their data to address some of the issues above.   From Lynbrook’s experience, one project in construction could require more than 20 documents, not to mention any drafts, revisions or change requests.  Information on tenders, pre-construction agreements, contracts, CAD drawings, Record Photographs, Operating Manuals as well as many more, could be required by numerous people at the same time.

Centralising Documents gives More Control.

If your business has various office locations, each office may have a slightly different way of handling, saving and accessing information.  This can cause confusion, which may lead to mistakes.  Giving everyone access to the same information via a well implemented document management system will eradicate these problems.

Centralised documents can be accessed anywhere, with web based software and the cloud.  Employees out in the field can use tablets or phones to view and update information.  Our Document Management Systems provide full version control so everyone knows they’re working from the latest document.   It works by capturing, indexing and storing all documents in a way that can replicate your existing processes.

Compliance within the construction industry means securely retaining documents relating to the health and safety of workers, the effectiveness of building materials and the legality of construction contracts.

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