Cloud Document Management

Cloud document management means more than just archiving and managing documents electronically. It’s a system that enables a dispersed workforce to connect with the office or one another, whilst taking part in the day to day activities of the business.

With the cloud, updates are no longer difficult or expensive and can solve the below five pain points often experienced by businesses today.

1.   Mobile

Cloud solutions are about availability, anytime and anywhere.  Devices, operating systems and physical location are irrelevant to staff getting work done. Key tasks like capturing, routing and approving documents can all be available.

2.   Productivity

With cloud document management set-up is quick, short and reduced downtime enables workers to manage documents and take part in digital workflows with minimal business disruption.

3.   Agility

Adding new users, setting up new workflows and including additional services can be handled instantly with simple licensing terms.

4.   Scalability

Working in the cloud can be key for businesses that value scalability. By leveraging robust infrastructure backbones like Microsoft Azure, near-infinite storage and computing power are instantly available.

5.   Control

Security is always a priority. Cloud document management systems take advantage of active, comprehensive data centre security as well as detailed user profiles controlled from a single system.


If your business looking for a way to tackle any of the of the above, get in touch with us and we can talk through how our solutions can help.

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