HR Automation for Small Businesses

HR automation can be just as important for small businesses as it can for larger ones.  If you’re a small business, it’s likely that your HR team consists of no more than two people.  Their daily tasks probably span across the business into office management, administration and payroll, which is why HR automation can be even more vital for small businesses.

HR often has fewer resources and smaller budgets and so automation can increase productivity, having a positive knock on effect on moral.  Automated business processes can reduce human error and free up staff to provide more value-added work.

HR automation enables HR departments to digitise and centralise the HR records of every employee. This includes their CV, onboarding forms, tax documents, training schedules, performance reviews and any grievance issues. This gives HR professionals more time to focus on what matters most – hiring talented people, effective onboarding, and measuring and improving employee satisfaction.

How HR Automation for Small Businesses Digitises Key Processes

Applicant Tracking

  • Manages communication between HR, the hiring manager and the applicant
  • Provides email notifications of next steps throughout the hiring process to both the applicant, line managers and HR.


  • Provides web forms that pre-fill the new hire’s basic details, so new employees only have to provide this information once
  • Manages new hire provisioning so employees have all the equipment they need to begin working on their first day

Performance Management

  • Digitises the employee review process, automates appraisal reminders, confirms review completion and sets dates for the next review
  • Automates appraisal sign-off and archiving

Holiday Requests

  • Routes holiday requests to the manager via web form submission
  • Emails updates to employee on decision
  • Provides updates to accrued employee allowances

Exit Process

  • Starts the exit process by emailing instructions for scheduling an exit interview, returning company property and other tasks the employee must complete
  • Syncs employee documents with updated status
  • Sets record retention dates in the document management system

For a free, no obligation, 20 minute demo on how HR automation can help your small business, contact us and we’ll arrange a time to suit you.

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