Scan Workflow

Offering intelligent document capture, processing and delivery, our solutions provide seamless scan workflows for paper-based documents. This simple and flexible capture solution manages document-based processes easily and with absolute reliability, letting office workers concentrate on the essentials of their business.

Most employees spend considerable time on recurrent tasks as part of their everyday office work. Documents have to be scanned, processed and delivered to one or more destinations, for example another department, a CRM system, an electronic archiving solution. All of these administrative tasks involve a lot of manual intervention for each individual document. With our scan workflow solution, document-based daily office procedures can be handled reliably and effortlessly. After clicking a single button, the application automatically reads out the required information, for example an invoice number, the invoicing party or date, and intelligently processes the document content. For instance, after recognising a document as an invoice it is instantly forwarded to the accounting department. Documents can be named by default after the invoice party and invoice number. Operators do not even need to enter metadata since the software automatically adds these as well.

The application’s intelligent document capture, processing and distribution capabilities ensure fully automatic document workflows. They make internal procedures faster and more productive, help to reduce costs and let companies concentrate on the really pressing business tasks rather than wasting time with lengthy administrative procedures.

Digital Mailroom

Our digital mailroom enables organisations to capture their incoming mail whether electronic or hard copy straight into their CRM.

A good example is law firms who receive a large volume of mail each morning pertaining their cases. Our system provides the facility to scan all the mail in bulk and then its automatically separated, verified, routed and appended to the respective case matter in their case management system.

Accounts Payable

Archiving supplier invoices, delivery notes and credit notes can be a challenge. Lynbrook has developed a solution which scans and automatically stores all your documents, naming them with the relative purchase order number so they are easy to retrieve later on.

Records Management

Most business hold personnel records in hard copy which need to be stored for lengthy retention periods. Lynbrook has devised a solution which enables you to scan in bulk and automatically stores and names the files in a structured manner.

A good example of this are schools who store all their pupil records in hard copy for each academic year. Our solution allows you to scan all the records in bulk using our 300 sheet dual scan document feeder, the software then cleverly creates the appropriate folder structure and names the files accordingly, making it very easy to refer to in the future.