What is Workflow and How Could Your Business Benefit?

Automating your Accounts Processes

Do more in less time – it’s simple with Document Management: share invoices in a matter of seconds and across multiple accounts; delegate tasks during employee absences; set up a pending box; or just make sure quick decisions get made. This module for setting up automatic workflows empowers you to do all this and so much more.

Document Management is an all-around tool that makes your daily work easier. Many companies are using it to boost their efficiency and cut costs.

For incoming invoices, for example, partial amounts can be approved simultaneously by various colleagues which then ultimately triggers payment of the total amount. Thanks to the split booking dialog, an invoice can even be automatically booked in several accounts.

Ordering Process: Maximize efficiency

Maximising efficiency starts during the ordering process: If you first need the okay for an order from your manager and then approval for the bill, you can skip the second step. The order process can quickly be linked to the invoice approval process.

With repetitive tasks, it’s easiest to tackle them with a workflow that runs on a pre-set schedule. For example, it’s ideal for monthly billing. So you or your employees stay flexible and enjoy the benefits of tracking a simple pending box.

Your substitute while you are away

Say you are in training session or on holiday and want to make sure that everything is running smoothly in your absence? With the substitution rules, you ensure that tasks are handled quickly and efficiently, even while you are away.

If you work with task forms, you can further speed up your processes by linking directly to other applications or files. In a workflow for incoming invoices, for example, you can create a link to the posting dialog in your ERP – or the list of cost centers.

The shortest route: a request

And if you occasionally need an immediate decision on the shortest route, you can set up a request. This is a single task that you send directly from software client, which the recipient is prompted to do immediately. It’s as quick and easy as an email.

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